American Hero

Library / Comedy / US / 94 mins / 2015
Nick Love (The Sweeney)
Nick Love (The Sweeny)
Stephen Dorff (Blade, Somewhere)
Eddie Griffin (Malcolm and Eddie, Deuce Bigalow)
Allan Niblo (The Sweeney, Monsters, Bronson)
James Richardson (Streetdance, Monsters)
Nick Love (The Sweeny)
Production Credits:
Vertigo Films

A lot of people drink, smoke, and sleep around... But rarely do they possess super powers. Meet Melvin. 

Melvin (Stephen Dorff), troublemaker extraordinaire living in the hurricane-battered housing projects of New Orleans, is about to lose custody of his son. He’s got little time to shape up fast. Will he succeed in cleaning up his act or will his powers ultimately be his downfall? 

About the Director:

Nick Love has written and directed 6 feature films to date, including box-office hits The Football FactoryThe Business and The Sweeney.