Free Fire

TORONTO 2016 - Midnight Madness People's Choice Award
New to the Library (European launch LFF 2016) / Action Black Comedy Crime Thriller / UK / 2015
Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers, High Rise)
Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Down Terrace, High Rise)
Armie Hammer (The Social Network, The Man From U.N.C.L.E)
Cillian Murphy (Inception, Batman Begins)
Brie Larson (Room, Trainwreck, Don Jon)
Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium)
Jack Raynor (Macbeth, A Royal Night Out, Transformers: Age Of Extinction)
Sam Riley (Control, Suite Francaise)
Noah Taylor (The Edge Of Tomorrow, Submarine, The Double)
Enzo Cilenti (High-Rise)
Babou Ceesay ('71)
Michael Smiley (The Lobster, Black Sea, Kill List)
Andy Starke (Kill List, Sightseers, The Duke of Burgundy)
Production Credits:
Rook Films / Film4 / BFI

Ben Wheatley steps up the action on his most ambitious film to date with an arms deal that goes spectacularly and explosively wrong...

Justine (Brie Larson) has brokered a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two Irishmen (Cillian Murphy, Michael Smiley) and a gang led by Vernon (Sharlto Copley) and Ord (Armie Hammer) who are selling them a stash of guns. But when shots are fired in the handover, a heart stopping game of survival ensues. 

Wheatley's first US-set action pic is exec produced by Martin Scorsese.

About the Director:

Ben Wheatley cut his teeth on internet virals and TV commercials before making his acclaimed feature debut with the criminal sitcom Down Terrace. This was followed by horror film Kill List, a tale of contract killing and pagan curses, and then Sightseers, a dark comedy set around a caravanning holiday for two. A Field in England was followed by High-Rise.  With Free Fire, Ben re-teams with his regular Rook Films producer, Andy Starke.