Gypsy Boy

New Projects / Drama / UK
Morgan Matthews (X+Y (aka A BRILLIANT YOUNG MIND))
James Graham based on Mikey Walsh's books GYPSY BOY and GYPSY BOY: ON THE RUN
Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, The Current War)
Dee Koppang O’Leary (The Crown)
Kevin Loader (My Cousin Rachel, The Death of Stalin)
Production Credits:
Bowery & Bond Films


The notorious Walsh family was part of the last generation of the Romany Gypsy people, known for their ability to fight. The sport of boxing is embedded in the Gypsy tradition – to fight for one’s family name and honour and reap the glory of its success.

When young Mikey Walsh is born, father Frank (Cumberbatch) places a pair of golden gloves on a chain around his neck in the hope that his son will maintain the family’s reputation. But even as an infant, Frank notices there is something different in Mikey, which leads to frustration and anger building over time.

As he grows into his teens, Mikey is forced to make an agonising decision - to stay and keep fighting, and face the shame head on, or escape, never to come back…

About the Director:

Morgan Matthews, the two-time BAFTA Award winning director whose first narrative feature was the highly acclaimed X+Y (aka A BRILLIANT YOUNG MIND), is directing the feature film which is scheduled to start production in the summer of 2018.