My Zoe

New Projects / Drama / UK
Julie Delpy (Lolo, 2 Days in New York)
Julie Delpy (Lolo, 2 Days in New York)
Julie Delpy (Three Colors, Before Sunrise)
Daniel Brühl (Captain America; Civil War, Inglorious Basterds, Rush, The Bourne Ultimatum)
Lior Ashkenazy (Big Bad Wolves, Footnote)
Richard Armitage (The Hobbit trilogy)
Sophia Ally
Gabrielle Tana (Philomena, The Duchess, The Invisible Woman)

My Zoe is the fascinating and confrontational story about the lengths to which a mother’s love goes for her child. 

Isabelle (Julie Delpy) is a geneticist recovering from a toxic marriage and is raising her only daughter Zoe in conjunction with her ex-husband. Zoe means everything to her mother, but when tragedy strikes the fractured family, Isabelle takes matters into her own hands.