Library / Comedy / UK / 105 mins / 2009
Debbie Isitt (Confetti)
Debbie Isitt (Confetti)
Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Love Actually, The Office)
Ashley Jensen (Streetdance All Stars, Ugly Betty, Extras)
Marc Wootton (Confetti)
Pam Ferris (Matilda, Children Of Men)
Nick Jones (Confetti)
Production Credits:
Mirrorball Films / BBC Films / Screen West MIdlands / Limelight

This hilarious comedy follows frustrated primary school teacher Mr Maddens, who is put in charge of the annual nativity production. Determined to outshine his rivals at the posh school up the road, he tells a lie that spirals out of control. 

About the Director:

Nativity! is Debbie Isitt's second feature after Confetti in 2006.