New Projects / Drama / Germany-US
Alexandra-Therese Keining (Girls Lost, Kiss Me)
Jordan Katz
Kristin Scott Thomas (Darkest Hour, My Old Lady, Sarah's Key)
Amy Rapp (Tower, Return)
Joe Neurauter (The Hallow, Madame Bovary)
Philipp Kreuzer (Last Love, Death of a Superhero)
Production Credits:
Meredith Vieira Productions / Occupant Entertainment

Paramour is inspired by the true story of the BMW Heiress Susanne Flatten (Kristin Scott Thomas), both blessed and cursed by her family’s heritage and wealth. She is a powerful woman who chooses to lead a reclusive existence away from the limelight. When the mysterious and seductive Helg Sgarbi enters her life, they embark upon a passionate, illicit affair – but once she is well and truly hooked, Helg reveals his sinister true intentions.