StreetDance All Stars

Library / Childrens / UK / 104 mins / 2013
Ben Gregor (The Midnight Beast)
Paul Gerstenberger
Theo Stevenson (Horrid Henry: The Movie)
Akai Osei-Mansfield (StreetDance 2 3D)
Ashley Jensen (Nativity, Arthur Christmas, Extras)
Allan Niblo (The Sweeney, Streetdance 3D)
James Richardson (The Sweeney, Streetdance 3D)
Jim Spencer (Kill Command)
Production Credits:
Vertigo Films / Square One Entertainment

Streetdance All Stars is a heartwarming, funny and visually stunning take on the dance movie genre. 

Featuring Ethan - a street smart schoolboy with the lethal combination of cuteness and swagger; Jaden - a quietly talented dance prodigy whose parents have very different dreams for him; Amy - a martial arts Tomboy who has no idea how good - or beautiful - she really is; Brian - a chubby breakdancer with no friends but a garage full of vinyl; and the aloof and glamorous ballroom dancing twins, Tim and Rebecca... they are the 'All Stars'. Together, they can achieve anything. Well, almost anything.

About the Director:

Streetdance All Stars is Gregor's feature directorial debut.