Firm, The

Library / Action Drama / UK / 95 mins / 2009
Nick Love (The Football Factory, The Business, The Sweeney)
Nick Love (The Sweeney, The Business, Outlaw)
Paul Anderson (The Sweeney, Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows)
Daniel Mays (Shifty, Tin Tin, Byzantium)
Calum MacNab (The Football Factory, Rise Of The Footsoldier)
Allan Niblo (Streetdance 3D, Bronson)
James Richardson (Streetdance 3D, Bronson)
Production Credits:
Vertigo Films

The Firm is set in the 1980s of world of football hooliganism culture, where gangs were known as firms and members were described as casuals due to their uniform of designer clothing.

Dom is an aspiring casual who is drawn to the charismatic top boy, Bex. Excepted for his fast mouth and sense of humour, he soon becomes one of the boys. But as Bex and his gang clash with rival firms across the country and violence spirals out of control, Dom realises he wants out - until he learns it's not that easy to simply walk away.

The Firm is a classic coming of age story set amongst one of England's most revered tribes.

About the Director:

Nick Love has written and directed 5 feature films to date, Goodbye Charlie Bright, The Football Factory, The Business, Outlaw and The Firm.