Sweeney, The

Library (Launched Locarno Film Festival 2012) / Action Thriller / UK / 112 mins / 2012
Nick Love (The Business, The Football Factory)
Nick Love (The Business, The Football Factory) John Hodge (Trainspotting)
Ray Winstone (The Departed, Indiana Jones and Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull)
Ben Drew (Harry Brown, Adulthood)
Hayley Atwell (Captain America, Brideshead Revisited)
Damien Lewis (Homeland, The Escapist)
Allan Niblo (Streetdance 3D)
James Richardson (Streetdance 3D)
Rupert Preston (Hammer Of The Gods)
Felix Vossen (I, Anna, Pusher)
Christopher Simon (I, Anna, Pusher)
Production Credits:
Vertigo Films / Embargo Films

Regan (Winstone) is London's toughest cop and the head of The Sweeney, an elite crime-fighting unit who always get their man. When Regan's nemesis - a master criminal named Allen - turns central London into a battleground, and his unit are framed for corruption, Regan and his young partner Carter (Drew) ind themselves removed from duty and thrown to the mercy of the underworld. The Sweeney are now cops without badges, and burning with revenge.

About the Director:

Nick Love has written and directed 6 feature films to date, Goodbye Charlie BrightThe Football FactoryThe BusinessOutlaw, The Firm and The Sweeney.